Investors who potentially benefit the most would be those who know the least about investing, market timing and the pros and cons of a buy-and-hold approach. Some attendees from over the years had no concept of technical analysis. If they knew anything, it was the partial truths from greedy brokers that followed strict fundamentals and provided little help after the getting the account.

Our members gain exposure to current investing tools, strategies in use by money managers, experts in market analysis, and reviews of what's working and what's not.  This includes the opportunity to hear what others are doing with investment software programs, as well as investment approaches that do not use canned software, The primary speakers are people who are managing their own portfolios.

Meetings provide access to the experts and experiences of people who have learned by practicing investing and trading with the help of the club and its collective knowledge.  Some members are linked into many financial organizations and contacts including AAII, MTA, FSC. Experts regularly provide input to the meetings including Richard Mogey, past Director of Research at the Foundation for the Study of Cycles, and Sherman McClellan who publishes the McClellan Market Report. 

Meetings provide the opportunity to obtain practical knowledge that you can use to compare with your own investing strategy and technique.  Over the years we've learned quite a lot of investing "truths" and we take every opportunity to share them.  Although the primary focus tends to be on what fairly experienced people are doing, some presentations of a tutorial nature are given for people who are just getting started, no matter what the age is.  

By registering as a member, your name will be put on the mailing list to receive meeting notices and reminders for our meetings.  This list is kept private and not available to others outside the club. Your contact information is not shared with club members unless permission is given. There is no cost to signing up as a member.

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